Web Redesign Checklist

To help you decide whether you need a website redesign ask yourself the below questions.

Pages loading slowly?

Web users are now very impatient – they don't wait around for your website to load. Test every page of your website on both desktop and mobile – if you find they are taking longer than a few seconds to load, then you need to think about getting a new website. Low site speed also pushes you down Google’s rankings.

Aesthetics out of date?

These days your website must look modern. No matter fast your pages load, web users are instantly put off by dated websites with gimmicky fonts, cluttered homepages, low-res images, depreciated media, unresponsive webpages and old or unmaintained content.

Site unresponsive?

Mobile traffic now makes up more than half of all web traffic globally – websites must work well on desktop, tablets and mobile devices. Do your images scale correctly, does your text scale down to fit mobile screens? Do your webpage sections stack correctly on a mobile phone?

Does your Website work with current branding?

Is your organisation’s current branding is still suitable for your target demographic? If your business has recently undergone a change in branding, check your website to make sure it still falls in line with your new brand direction – if not, it’s time for a new website!

Are you getting traffic from Google?

If your website is not ranking highly on search engines, it may be time for a fresh redesign alongside a well-planned SEO strategy. It is always best to take SEO into account early, as it means you will have to make less changes throughout the rest of the design process.

Can you update your own content?

Do you have access to your current website via an easy to use content management system? Or do you still need to contact the web developer to make such changes? Using an outdated system may not allow you to update your website as frequently as you wish, and you could be spending lots of time and money you don't need to be.

High bounce rate?

Do you have a high bounce rate (around 70-90% of your website traffic)? This may be down to outdated web design, slow loading times or other websites are found to be more useful. This is not ideal and a new website may be the best solution to ensure you engage your website visitors in the future.

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