Microsoft Not for Profit Licensing

Microsoft is one of the most prominent software providers in the world. The organisation relies on them for many tools and even cloud services. The company realizes that the price of these tools may not be affordable for everyone.

It includes non-profit organizations and charity houses. They don’t have even funds and investments to keep their data organized, safe and manageable with the products and tools of Microsoft.

In Australia, Microsoft 365 non-profit offers highly functional features. Lately, it was an expensive offer for non-profit organizations are not able to afford it.

Now, Microsoft has announced some changes in the Microsoft charity program and all donated products of Microsoft. They will be available for charity and the organizations included in this program are only non-profit organizations in Australia on a special discount offer.

All you need is a license. So, learn about the Microsoft charity eligibility before applying for it. Members of a sports club, church or a few other non-profit organisations may not be eligible, but who knows? Let’s find out together;

How does Microsoft not for profit licensing program work?

Microsoft charity discount licensing program is offered in most countries including Australia, and you can get it directly from the website of Microsoft. Through the package, you can easily upgrade and also use other services given by Microsoft. So, go to the website and get the eligibility certificate, and you will be able to access all discounted products of Microsoft.

Who is eligible for Microsoft open license for charity?

The Charity software Microsoft has special criteria, and the organization must be non-government and non-profit to fall into the eligibility criteria. The discounted software will be available for the staff and all the members of the organization. Now which institutes are not eligible?

  • Non-profit institutes with no legal recognition in Australia
  • Government agencies including all kinds of museums, etc.
  • Educational institutes that are non-profit and fall under formal education
  • Trade associations or any political institutes
  • Individuals with no proper agenda of serving the community

The list of ineligible might give you a clear idea that only non-profit organizations are eligible to get charity licensing for them. All of the members and volunteers can benefit from this program. For detailed Microsoft office 365 pricing for charities, you can get information directly.

How is it benefiting the community of Australia?

We all know that cloud-based technology is going to be the most used and beneficial tool in the future. Organizations with huge revenue can easily afford these technologies and keep up with the pace of time. However, these institutes run on donations and charity.

They don’t have too much investment to organize their data or manage staff. So, they need these tools as much as any other organization. Volunteers and staff have every right to be technologically aware and Microsoft is helping them by offering Microsoft office license for charity.

Recent changes in the Microsoft donation program and the decision to provide all non-profit organizations are amazing. Now applications like Exchange for email or SharePoint along with some other Microsoft office applications are available on cloud solutions. They don’t need to install huge servers.

How I can apply?

Just apply for Microsoft not for profit licensing from here. Then, any organization other than profit organizations can easily manage their data through the cloud solution provided on discounts for charity purposes.


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