Dynamics 365 for Not for Profits

Fed up using spreadsheets to record inquires and stakeholder data?

Contacts stored in different places and different devices?

Marketing to Members and Donors take forever?

Looking for a CRM to sort out all your problems?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 might be exactly what you need!

It is a fantastic option for you to manage your members, inquirers, clients, customers and stakeholders as well as donors, volunteers and events and you can achieve all this with special not-for-profit licensing, stakeholder management solutions, and valuable insights.

Reduce administrative costs

Reduce administrative cost and increase investment in your core mission. Manage relationships and services more effectively and efficiently with Microsoft tools always at hand.

Consolidate data

Our team can help you consolidate the data residing in separate systems and spreadsheets across your organisation into one system which in turn will make your critical reporting tasks easier and less time-consuming.

Save time and money

Both are critical to not for profits and reducing your administrative cost is also important to credibility and reputation. Our team has successfully helped not-for-profit organisations use Microsoft 365 to greatly reduce time spent on many processes.

Leverage not for profit Microsoft licensing

Not only do you get to use world-leading technology to power your mission, but you’ll enjoy greatly a 75% of Microsoft licensing as well as free licenses for the basic Office 365 users.

Always meet compliance and reporting requirements

Never miss out on state funding due to failure to meet compliance requirements or poor reporting.

Configured and tailored to meet your unique requirements

All fields, forms, views and entities are fully configurable to meet your organisations needs.

Cloud based​

The fundamental appeal of cloud services, is removing the hassle of paying for expensive hardware, managing licenses, patching software things going wrong. Instead of managing your own Database server, you let Microsoft do the hard work in its data centers.

No servers required

Dynamics 365 removes the burden of server management and offers not for profits and small businesses the convenience and simplicity that larger enterprises enjoy.

Familiar and Versatile

Merging familiar and versatile Office productivity and collaboration tools Dynamics 365 integrates seamlessly with Outlook, SharePoint and the Office apps as well as across devices and platforms which makes it hard to beat.

Content & Collaboration

Dynamics 365 integrates seamlessly with SharePoint which is the leading content and collaboration platform preferred by forward-thinking organisations, large or small.

Subscription based

Monthly or annual desktop programs are updated automatically when a new version is available. If your subscription is current, you get the latest versions, with security releases monthly and feature updates every six months

Security & Governance

Implement the built-in security tools in Dynamics 365 and follow the recommended cybersecurity strategies by the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) to prevent data loss or ransomware attack.

What else can Dynamics 365 help us with?

  • Connect your MailChimp lists so you can see exactly who opens your newsletters
  • Easily create Email Templates and send emails to specific lists of stakeholders in a few clicks
  • Track services provided, for funding reporting
  • Understand donors and donations, churn, and trends
  • Measure the efficacy of the hard work the team puts in 
  • Turn disconnected and paper-based processes into efficient, measurable processes using Microsoft tools.
  • Use tools you may already have (e.g. Office 365) more effectively to enable your team across the country.
  • Team Collaboration: With teams working on different projects and at times various locations; NFPs need a solution that provides their staff with a collaborative platform to work on. Dynamics 365 captures all donor and donation related information in one central platform for staff and volunteers to access.
  • Donor & Volunteer Database Management: Donors and volunteers need to be notified about the details of their latest fundraising project. Dynamics 365 helps non-profits to effectively manage donor and volunteer information. Staff can create custom campaigns in Dynamics 365 to interact and communicate with donors about their upcoming projects and/or where and how their contribution is being used. A quick thank you note can also be sent to donors as soon as their donation is received. Dynamics 365 can also be configured to be used as a rostering platform to manage volunteer rosters and time sheets.
  • Grant Management: Dynamics 365 enables NFPs and charities to easily apply for grants. It provides employees with complete visibility into the grant application and management process and allows setting up follow-up reminders at every stage. These details can be shared with specific users or teams depending on their roles and responsibilities.
  • Process Automation: Dynamics 365 allows NFPs to automate repetitive tasks with the help of workflows. Marketing teams are able to automate marketing activities and set up promotional drip-campaigns to raise awareness towards their upcoming projects. Notification and communication workflows can also be created to interact with clients and customers.
  • Privacy & Security: Dynamics 365 offers NFPs and charities with security frameworks based on ISO 27001 standards and offers built-in malware and spam protection for your data. Organisations can further add user access permissions and restrictions to safeguard company data.

Dynamics 365 for Not for Profits - Australia Pricing

  • As the fundraising and non-for-profit organisations have limited budgets for IT investments; Microsoft is offering Dynamics 365 licenses at significantly discounted rates.
  • Microsoft are giving away 5 free Sales Enterprise licenses and 5 free Power-Apps licence for not-for-profits.
  • Additional Team Member licenses are only $3.60 per month.
  • If you are a non-for-profit or charity organisation contact us and we can get you set up with the Dynamics 365 for Not for Profits software at the discounted price.
dynamics 365 for not for profits

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